That many CPC attorneys are barred in Virginia and Maryland as well as DC?

That 75% of parents talk with their children about their divorce for only 20 minutes or less?

That we have a mortgage broker and two other financial experts who share our CPC space?

That Collaborative Practice is a good option for many high conflict clients who are motivated to resolve their issues without going to court?

That mental health professionals at CPC offer a range of therapy options, including individual, couple, family, and child therapy?

That a consultation with an attorney or a divorce coach can help you decide the best separation or divorce process for your family?

That CPC has trained child therapists and a specially designed therapeutic playroom?

That CPC is located only one short block from the Dupont Circle Metro Station?

That using mental health professionals as part of your divorce team can often lower the cost of your process?

That many CPC therapists work with couples who seek help in strengthening their marriages (or partnerships) and recreating intimacy?

That several CPC attorneys have expertise in working with LGBT clients and navigating the law on issues relevant to the LGBT community?

That CPC financial experts offer help to clients on a variety of complex tax issues, including those related to divorce?

That qualified mortgage professional can provide creative financial solutions to your complex mortgage problems?

That support payments can begin before the separation agreement is signed to start building your 6-month history of payments to qualify for a mortgage?

That you can (and should) discuss estate planning with your divorce attorney?

Every professional at CPC is a separate professional entity unless otherwise specifically noted.

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